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Thread: Watch Ads To Earn Diamonds

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    Watch Ads To Earn Diamonds

    Most mobile games offer players the option to watch ads to earn bonus points, etc. - why doesn't Fishdom offer the option to watch ads to earn diamonds? The options to actually earn diamonds are rather limited, so the only current possibility is to pay real money to buy them. I would much rather watch an ad to earn them. I expect there are many others who feel the same way.

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    I totally agree..

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    Yes please.

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    You can watch videos. Although it's random who gets them and who doesn't, I can say from experience that being able to watch a few videos a day helps. The most I've gotten from one video is 3 diamonds (one time in many, most of the time it's just one diamond) and for coins it was about 80 coins. It's random whether you get coins or a diamond.

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    Margaret Nield
    Hi there I agree I would love the opportunity to earn my crystals any crystals, I am now running out of opportunities to get crystals. Love the game i have introduced the family to Fishdom and warned them about holding onto crystals, I would watch ads.

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    Carolyn Pearson
    I agree!! I would watch ad's for diamonds!!!

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    Jenny Russell
    Agreed. There should be an easier way to achieve diamond .

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    I am new to this game and wondered how to get more crystals. FAQ says to watch videos but I have not received ANY videos to watch. Unfortunately did not find out about saving them until all were gone! Any ideas?

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    How do I find the videos to watch? I can't find anything that allows me to choose that opportunity.

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    Tambem gostaria de saber como assistir vídeo, e ganhar recompensas...

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