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Thread: Hard levels

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    Stuck on 262 now for nearly a week and not getting anyway near beating it basically just pushing tiles around
    Interestingly somebody earlier reckoned the bombs were not so effective
    Well looked it up on utube and the bombs were certainly a lot more effective on the video
    Im not managing to clear the corners and in the main lightening does reach them often but the bombs hardly touch the corners
    They do in the video

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    Elena M Salvatore
    i am stuck on level 71 and have been for weeks. i cannot figure out a way to beat it and at times i have been close to getting them all but one or two but i don't have enough diamonds to get a few extra moves or anything. all i have seen is this deep dive and mine is on android and it says just fishdom not fishdom deep dive. can someone tell me how i can beat this level please.
    Thank you so much for the help

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    Boy, oh, boy, I thought level 26 was difficult. I think after unsuccessfully trying for six long weeks, someone felt sorry for me and handed me several well placed explosives to move forward. Well I need help again on level 73. It's ONLY been three weeks so far, but I can't afford to buy diamonds and don't have enough right now to buy explosives on my own. Can anyone give me some advice here? I also wish there was some way we could EARN diamonds instead of buying them. Thanks for letting me vent.

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    That's so aggravating. Buying the booster only to have them drop in side by side and benefit nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crystaltose View Post
    I love this game but am very dissapointed in how hard some levels are. It is very frustrating to play some levels for weeks on end without results. It isn't the point that it can be done because some people delete the game. it should fun and it can be too trying. This game could be so much fun if it wasn't for that issue.
    I fn HATEEEEEEE that about this game. I am at level 350 something or more and every friggin level now.. or every 4 or 5 levels is a "hard level" I'm fn pissed off bc I play this game to relax and now it's pissing me off. I'm.done fishdom. Lighten the fuck up!

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    Really enjoy this game and although there's been levels that I've spent maybe up to 20 attempts at, there's been none up until level 396 that I knew I wouldn't be able to solve with what tools each game level can supply to complete it. After at least 50 attempts and no logical solution apparent I guess I'll have to buy some explosives & hope they get thrown to the second screen to begin to set the squid free till I can clear the first screen!!??? Again this is just a shot in the dark hoping the explosives get tossed where I need em. If I wanted a game of chance, I play angry birds!!!!! The closet I got a few times , I'd cleaned out both screens but was waiting for more squid to come out! I've played purple levels twice as easy!!

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    Hi guys,

    I've reached the point where I finished all available levels (they add 15 new levels every week, so the current count is 2280).

    There were many levels that took many attempts to beat. If I can't beat a level for an hour or two on unlimited lives, I usually beat it with boosts. I've never purchased them though. Except by accident a few times, when you're down to your last life and the game displays an offer to buy boosts in the place where you usually press the "Try again" button - this sucks! The game allows you to earn enough boosts for free. At the moment I still have over 100 of each.

    One word of advice. When you start the game with boosts, they are placed randomly, not always in an optimal way. If this happens, don't make any moves and end the game immediately. Doing this you will not lose the life, neither the boosts and you can try again. Rinse and repeat until the configuration is just right.

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    I need friends for this game, how do I do this please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lambly 123 View Post
    I need friends for this game, how do I do this please?
    You need to be on Facebook and add players as your friends there. If you use Facebook, see this thread where a lot of people are looking for friends. You can send them requests and add a message with a link to your Facebook page.

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    I’m stuck on timed level 708, ready to call it a day and delete the game. I’ve been getting progressively frustrated with how hard the levels are getting, don’t know how some people on here got to over 2000 :-)
    What’s supposed to be fun only gives anxiety and it’s no point using boosters in this level because of how it starts. Stuck forever I guess!

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