Sometimes, when I've just used up several of my lives (one time it was 3) trying to beat a level I quit the game and close the app (double tap home button and swipe up to close app) when I run out of lives. I go back into the app and it's "forgotten" that I've used all my lives and they are all back. Both times this has happened, I had done something before playing the levels. One time I fed my fish, and the other I cleaned the tank of gunk, and when I go back into the app I have to repeat these tasks because the game has "forgotten" that I did this and used up all the lives. Unfortunately this has only happened twice so far, and all attempts to recreate have failed.

Does anyone know how to reliably activate this glitch? It would be extremely useful to be able to restore lives whenever I want.

I'm using an iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1 (the most recent version) and the most recent app version, 1.3.2 (April 19. 2016).