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Thread: Halloween Update Is Here...

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    I currently have a female black cat, who just turned up one day and refused to leave, who is called Notmycat. After weeks of me saying “you can’t come in, you’re not my cat...I’m not feeding you, you’re not my cat” etc etc, when I finally found her owner, and he didn’t want her back, she became my cat, but the name had stuck, lol. Very confusing at the vets.. She’s on a cushion next to me right now. Definitely my cat.
    Aw, lol, what a sweet story, Bess!
    In our cat shelter on Crete one day a completely black kitten showed up, who soon got stuck with the name Oichi (which is Greek for No) because he would do what little cats aren't supposed to do all the time. Now as a grown-up he still is bloodcurdling accident-prone. We tried to go by the name of Whiskers by now – he even has black whiskers – but he still prefers to be called Oichi. What he gets to hear all the time ...
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    Yes! I love this update, with all the townwide decorations and stray cats and odd townsfolk and animals in costume! Definitely bought the first four Halloween decorations (and seriously debated getting the haunted carriage too)! Can't wait for the 20th to explore the castle (which looks great and has very creepy sound effects) and build the school of magic! If only it could later grow and be expanded to be as cool and awesome as Hogwarts haha the castle island would have been perfect for that! And even love the new opening/loading screen with the little girl doing magic! Anyways. Love the mill town sign too! So cute! ^w^ <3 Definitely love this update!!
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    Love hearing about your black cats - our first moved in to our house from our neighbours two doors down. They called him Merlin but for some reason he only answered to Snoopy! Our longest living cats were a male silver tabby with a white tummy called Jess who was 24 when he died and a black and white female called Suki who was 22 when she died. Our current black boy is officially known as Taisho but answers also to Mr Catkin! He's 12 so we should have a lot more years left with him.

    Looking forward to the event - I hope it's fun!

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