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Thread: Making Fishdom Friends

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    Jo Henderson

    anyone want to add me?

    anyone want to add me?
    daily player

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    Jo - take a look at the info below my name. If you provide info about your device, your town name, your town code, your Game Centre ID, etc. then other players know how to invite you ok?

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    Please add me. Stuck on level 26. 😆☹ī¸
    IOS IPhone 6s
    Fishdom level 26
    Township level 18. Township Cumberland

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    Hi Val. Saw the message you left on my profile. I deleted Fishdom long ago and do not remember how I got past Level 26. Very sorry, I cannot help you.

    Also your friend request is just for the Forum and is useless for Fishdom. I assume you didn't know that.

    Sorry to have no help to offer you, but I am sure someone will come along and have the answer you need.

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    Jenny Russell

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    Jenny Russell

    Looking for more Fishdom friends

    Add me!! I play daily and always send lives and feed your fish too


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    Donna Cash
    Sent you a friends request. Looking to find some fishdom friends too.

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    I sent you a friends request -play every day marysuejoyce

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    You can add me

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    Am also new looking for friends for township am in desperate need of H E L P LOL 🙏 🙏 PLSE

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