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Thread: Making Fishdom Friends

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    Hello, I sent you a friend request, I need friends 😧
    Would you please accept

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    I'll send you a Fishdom friend request. Please accept it.
    Click on persons name, right below where pic should be,
    There is an "add friend" click on it, then, (on the right side)
    It says something like send request. Click on yes and your friend request has been sent.
    You then wait for them to accept request.

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    I sent you a Fishdom friend request 😃

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    Ищу друзей для игры!! Добавляйтесь!

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    И меня добавьте в друзья

    Для игры ищу друзей

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    И меня добавляйте, будем играть вместе!

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    How to add some friends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristySmerws View Post
    How to add some friends?
    You can post your Facebook link here and people will be able to request friendship and then they can help you get hearts in your game.
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    Looking for friends who are active players. Add me please!

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