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Thread: Making Fishdom Friends

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    I hope some of y’all can help me out.... I’ve been playing Fishdom for awhile now(@a somewhat leisurely pace,LoL)My Problem is that I can’t seem to add any friends to my game-Grrrrr!!!🙄🙄I think the problem lies between the communication between FB & the Actual App?!? Has anyone else run into this problem?? I’ve tried disconnecting& reconnecting it again to FB but nothing seems to help?!? It still doesn’t show up under my “Apps”Tab on FB?!? While we’re on the topic-neither does my Gardenscspe App???I cant add friends unless FB Recognizes it?? Help me please!!! I could certainly use the extra lives and All the Help&Guidance y’all can provide..... Thanks So Much Im advance~Amy M.

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    I sent you a friend request, hope I sent it to the right person. My name is Kellie Kauffman, please add me too. Thx

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    Добавьте меня для игры!! Обещаю отправлять жизни!!

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