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Thread: Making Fishdom Friends

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    Hello please 🤗 Facebook name Aretha Dinga, adicione me 😌😌🤒

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    Hello asking for friends on fishtom. I'm available on Facebook. My name is Renee Faunce. I'm looking forward to meeting you. Thank you.

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    I hope some of y’all can help me out.... I’ve been playing Fishdom for awhile now(@a somewhat leisurely pace,LoL)My Problem is that I can’t seem to add any friends to my game-Grrrrr!!!🙄🙄I think the problem lies between the communication between FB & the Actual App?!? Has anyone else run into this problem?? I’ve tried disconnecting& reconnecting it again to FB but nothing seems to help?!? It still doesn’t show up under my “Apps”Tab on FB?!? While we’re on the topic-neither does my Gardenscspe App???I cant add friends unless FB Recognizes it?? Help me please!!! I could certainly use the extra lives and All the Help&Guidance y’all can provide..... Thanks So Much Im advance~Amy M.

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    I sent you a friend request, hope I sent it to the right person. My name is Kellie Kauffman, please add me too. Thx

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    Добавьте меня для игры!! Обещаю отправлять жизни!!

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    Добавляйтесь, играю постоянно!

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    Add me. Daily player

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    Hi, I am trying to make friends. Thank you. I'm not really sure how it works. My name is Renee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfaunce0668 View Post
    Hi, I am trying to make friends. Thank you. I'm not really sure how it works. My name is Renee.
    Hi Renee

    The only way to have friends in Fishdom is to add players as friends in Facebook first.
    Graylady, Forum member since may 2014 --- I am just a player, not a Playrix staff
    Playing on Android, not on Facebook
    Township level 192, Zoo level 45, Co-op tag : #QUEFPP --- Fishdom level 1469 --- Homescapes level 650

    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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