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Thread: Bruce adds his own "features" to Township

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    Bruce adds his own "features" to Township

    John and Debbie had planned some activities to provide a backdrop for conversation and the four of them were engaged in a friendly game of croquet. Well, friendly for John, Debbie, and Trudy. The psychotic competitive aspect of Bruce emerged and he sent John’s ball with full backswing. The face of the mallet split with the impact and the croquet ball careened off the privacy fence into the street hitting a Cooper Mini on the hubcap as it sped by and then skittered into the storm sewer never to be seen again. “You a golfer Bruce?” John asked with bemused expression. “Can’t stand it” was the reply. John was a scratch golfer.

    When another mallet met a similar fate, John, with damage control in mind, suggested the party move indoors. While John and Bruce played a friendly game of chess, Debbie and Trudy chatted about upcoming events. “Have you picked out your frock Trudy? If you haven’t I want to go with you!” Mr. Mergitroid, Trudy’s boss, was trying to land an important client next week, and was going to outfit Trudy for the business meeting. He was pulling out all the stops for this one. “He’s never done this for me Deb, and I need your help to pick out something with ‘country charm’. Can you help?” “You betcha girl, I’ve got this!”

    The chess game was adjourned (never to be completed) since Bruce was slamming his moves down with John’s antique ivory Indian chess set and soundly defeating him of course.

    We will give the reader some of the dinner conversation. “So Bruce, how were you able to give me 10 gifts in one day? This from Debbie to Bruce. “Oh, I added some routines to the app.” Bruce showed all three not only this one, but others he had appended to his Township app including: 1. Unlimited barn storage; 2. The friend maximizer; 3. The land expander. Debbie and John were stunned. Trudy triumphantly exclaimed “I told you he was a genius!”

    The evening fizzled out for Bruce from there and he played his favorite game of mass destruction on his phone with head down, while the conversation swirled around him. Trudy tried valiantly to engage him with the others, but what does a Township hacker care how many Araguaney trees one should place around his Burj Khalifa anyway?

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    And due to the availability of everything, in no time Bruce got bored of township.
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    He is completely mastering the game. He must first reach his state of perfection then it will probably be as you say.
    It will be so in less in continues to play for a sentimental reason.

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    Cobalt: Shouldn't your "short stories" be posted in the Lounge, rather than here? The Lounge is much more appropriate, rather than Discussions.
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    Good call.
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