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    21.04 New Update

    Hi guys!

    Enjoy an all-new Township update with a bevy of new content and improvements!

    Upcoming event:
    The townspeople are putting on a flower festival:
    * Compete against other players to be named the best florist anywhere! Grow flowers to make flower arrangements!
    * New temporary plants: Tulips, Narcissi, and Chrysanthemums;
    * 8 new temporary holiday-themed decorations, some of which you can win by participating in the event (so don't forget to decorate your town with flowers!).

    New in town:
    * New factories: Coffee Factory and Hot Dog Factory!
    * 7 new recipes: Cappuccino, Corn Dog, many more!
    * New crop: Coffee;
    * 5 new expansions;
    * All-new collection of mine artifacts at the museum!
    * 4 new special decorations: Gates of Glory, Burj Khalifa, the Biggest Diamond, and Jet Ski;
    * 5 new flags available in the Flag Settings: Jamaica, Barbados, Suriname, Nepal, and Myanmar;
    * Many new sketches with townspeople!

    New at the Zoo:
    * Max Zoo level pushed to 31!
    * 3 new animals: snow-white Arctic Foxes, lovely Platypuses, and enormous Wild Boars;
    * 7 new expansions;
    * 6 new decorations: Inflatable Dragon, Inflatable Bee, Date Palm, Japanese Pine, Araguaney tree, and Rhino Statue;
    * New Zoo visitors!

    And many other improvements!

    Thanks for playing Township! Stay tuned as more is yet to come!

    - Liza.

    P.S. An update for Mac users will be rolled out in 2 weeks from now.
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