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Thread: A donation box

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    A donation box

    The donation box is something i think players might find useful

    Ever had it when someone wants to help you but only has say 1 bagel, even though you need 2??

    With a donation box they could donate what they have to help you

    The donation box should eb linked to what you need help with,on either plane or train: so that people don't just give random things that you don't need

    I doubt this will ever but its just something i would like to share and see how many people would also like this

    ps... i have seen the post about what cannot happen. understand this counts as partially helping a friend ..
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    This is just not going to happen. I'll give you 2 examples l.
    1. Assume if someone asks for help in 6 bagels and you help him in 3 and I help him in 2 and third player gives 1 bagel, then how will you divide single clover in 3. Answer me.
    2. Think if you are hungry and order 3 pizza and the pizza guy just comes with 1 pizza and says that "he had only 1 at this time please take this and I'll give you the remaining two some other time, then how would you feel?.. LOL
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    Well..... y don't they just give a clover to each person....
    and for example no 2.... we are talking about an online game not real life...

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