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Thread: Keeping A Co-op Together Long-Term

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    Keeping A Co-op Together Long-Term

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    Hi Bessville

    It is possible for smaller co-op. Since I inherit my co-op in the early days, we had a major split, some came and went. But we are a group of 6 still together. We add new players slowly and make sure they fit with our way of doing things. If not, I prefer them leaving. A clear goal/rules and a lot of communication is the key. Right now we are 12 and we are still good.
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    Hi Bessville

    My members can opt out anytime they want. Some have not race in weeks. Some race every week, some one week every 2 or 3 in order to amass clovers and mining tools or just as a break. One stop racing altogether. She do not play as much anymore. I guess real life take too much place

    I guess the important part is that people should have fun racing. If not, time for a break. When there is an event I offer them to take a break of the regata in order to enjoy the event. I do not mind racing alone just to keep our co-op in the gold league.

    If a member want to race, he is ready to do the 15 tasks as we always go for the podium.
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    I think I will introduce something new for my team. Since the seasonal regata began and became more difficult I hve been thinking of a Relax week where we would lower the number of tasks as well as the number of points. Everyone could win some tokens These new tokens could be the reason your players do not want to opt out. The goal would be to get the 9 chests and stay in gold league but not necessary to be on the podium. I will have to talk to my team about that idea.
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    I think all successful co-ops are built around a core of key players. If you have a group of people you like, work well and can have a laugh with, that's worth a lot.
    I think young co-ops tend to be less stable, so, while recruiting is hard work, I think you have better chances if you build a larger co-op around your core. Regatta is easier with a larger group, so people don't burn out so quick. Chat is livelier, help is faster. And you won't be so hard hit by the inevitable fluctuation of people.

    You seem like a lovely, chatty lady, so I would think you make a great leader and set a really nice tone in your co-op. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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    Thanks Liztroplis, nice to hear, i’m tryin!

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    We here in the Den, do high and low task during the off week of the regatta, no pressure-fun racing. Or some take that week off. Nice to have a break! But even during themed racing, there are no set rules as to number of tasks or task values, most do all 130 and above task. Even those that don't race are great helpers and we have always strived for a carefree and fun co-op, which we are
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    Bessville,I must also add my voice to this,.We have had a most horrible week,even our youngest member level 49 ,always full of energy and completing her 15 tasks,were worn out and accepting more help than usual with the last task or two.I think this week will be "race or relax" just to reload.
    I agree it should be fun,not some punishment,normally I envy the ones with tasks still to be completed,wanting more,but could not wait to finish my tasks ,this week.
    I think its no good keeping a member who does not want to race anymore,so let them go.
    A well worded message of thanks and encouragement for the next race is high on my list,you sound if you can do well in this 😊
    Maybe change your region,just for something new?

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    Some suggestions:

    1) Fresh blood. Sure enough bringing in new members may be risky, but you could also strike gold and bring in a new energetic enthusiastic member that rekindles the fire in your coop. Either way if you don't bring in fresh blood every now and then, things grow boring and stale. Shake the pillows!

    2) Weed out dead wood. Be careful with how much slack you cut your long time loyal members if they start missing the coop goals. You want to be empathic and not unreasonable. But at the same time your whole team needs to know you're backing the team goals with more than just words. Look back and be honest: how many times did you cut a longtime member slack and it turned out they were on the way to quit the competitive gameplay anyway?

    3) Grow and sustain a positive atmosphere. Meet disappointments/complains with empathy and humor. Spread words of encouragement. And a compliment here and there. Celebrate success. And keep it sincere month after month. Which brings me to no 1., fresh blood. At some point in time, even the leader may find it's time to step down and appoint a worthy successor. But this time is not now, may your reign be long and prosper!
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    See, I'm too soft.

    I have kicked people for low helps and zero tasks, but if someone does one or two tasks, if they're only seen on a few minutes here and there, but puts some helps up in that time; I don't have the heart to kick them.

    I'd be sad to be kicked because as much as I enjoy the game, I couldn't get on much. First and foremost: it is a game.
    I've made peace with the fact I'll probably never get my golden sail. We stay gold, typically 5th-9th, and we have fun. I had to kick two good members who seemingly became inactive last week, and that sucked. I can't kick people who are clearly active, if only every now and then.

    I realise that's just my style of play though.

    Also, I inhereted my co-op, so most of the players have been there pretty much from the start.
    Now, new players that come in and don't contribute get thrown out again.

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