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Thread: Trudy and Bruce at the Kings - Part 9

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    Trudy and Bruce at the Kings - Part 9

    Seeing that Trudy had this new fixture in her life (Bruce), Debbie and John wanted to check him out. Debbie as we know had misgivings about the relationship and she wanted her husband’s take. They decided the best way to do this was to have the two of them over for dinner at their house. So they did.

    Isn’t it a terrible thing for the introvert to have to get through a social gathering?! Bruce weighed everything in the big picture and saw that he better make this scene if he wanted to wed Trudy. And by now he did. And he also decided to do the evening without the benefit of Xanax, alcohol, or any happy pills. This would be an unadulterated full strength Bruce that Debbie and John would endure.

    There were many extraordinary gaffes and faux pas on display by Bruce that evening, but we will only give the reader a few to show how the evening went. It was tough sledding for Bruce.

    Trudy and Bruce arrived at Kings at five past five and were warmly greeted. Debbie and Trudy hugged and Debbie immediately asked her “Have you seen the sneak peeks?! Those Tarantulas are going to be so cute in the Zoo!” Trudy replied “And that Neuschwanstein Castle is to die for. I know just where I am going to put it.” John extended his hand to Bruce and the memorable evening was off. Sigh

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