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Thread: 15.04. Spot The Differences!

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    Arlene James
    I see 15 differences

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    16 differences. I had them listed lost the thread.

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    17 differences.

    Very fun contest, tysm!

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    I see 21 differences

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    Stacy Daily
    There's 16 different ones in this pictures !!! Hope I'm one that's chosen ! I love this game !!!

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    1. Top left mountain
    2. Two cattails
    3. No handle on yellow bucket
    4. 5 holes to hold fishing line
    5. Green plant behind yellow raft
    6. Lambs glasses are blue
    7. Lambs straws
    8. Lambs drinks
    9. Fruit on drink
    10. Little flower by lilypad in front of raft
    11. Red fishing bobber
    12. Hippos clothes # of white lines
    13. Blow up thing on green float
    14. Rope on raft by purple hippo
    15. Dragonfly
    16. Frogs smile
    17. Fish

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    - El color de las gafas de la oveja - Color of sheep sunglasses
    - Bebida de la oveja - Sheep drink
    - Pitillo de la bebida de la oveja - Straw of the drink of the sheep
    - El pez - The fish
    - La boca de la rana - Mouth of the frog
    - La libélula - The dragonfly
    - Las rayas del vestido de baño - Stripes of pink swimming suit
    - El balde sin manija - The bucket with out handle
    - La caña de pescar donde va el nylon - The fishing rod where nylon goes
    - La planta al lado derecho en el agua - The green plant right side that goes in the water.
    - El pequeño lotus en el agua, enfrente de la oveja - The tinny lotus in the water in front of the sheep
    - El flotador de la caña de pescar - the float of the fishing rod
    - Montaña al lado izquierdo - Mountain left side
    - La flor de la planta vende en el agua al lado izquierdo - Flower of the green plant in the water, left side
    - La soga de la balsa - The rope of the raft is double
    - Las burbujas del lado derecho de la balsa - The bubbles right side of the raft
    - La boquilla para inflar el flotador verde - The nozzle to inflate the green float

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    Maryoli Rodsaa
    Hay 16 diferencias

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    Nolan Hitt
    I agree with the general consensus. 16 differences. Upside down fish. Handle on yellow bucket. Missing waterlily near sheep. Missing reed leaves near sheep. Missing mountain on left of picture. Missing reed head on left of picture. Bear's fishing rod - missing one line tie/hoop. Float under the large hippo's whistle. Sheep's glasses. Sheep's drink. Stripes on large hippo's costume. Rope on raft behind little hippo's foot. Bubbles at front of the raft. Dragonfly. Valve on back of green rubber ring. Frog's mouth

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    Maryoli Rodsaa
    Hay 17 diferencias

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