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Thread: Glitch Changing Co-ops We Were Racing

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    Glitch Changing Co-ops We Were Racing

    I was told there was a glitch in the regatta. They rearranged the co ops we was racing. We was racing co ops in our game levels. We was winning for days. Now they stuck in 3 ringers above us. There scores are almost 3x ours. There player game levels range from 162 - 65. Our Co op has 1 member who is 52. 2 or 3 in the lower 40s. Rest are in the 30s. I was told it was changed to make the play "fair". How is this fair????? We couldn't catch them with a time machine. The other 12 co ops we are racing are closer to our levels. We are beating them. Why are we being denied a fair race?? How can placing players ranked at 106 against 30s and 40s be even close to fair?? There farms, barns, etc are far more advanced than the rest of the co ops they are racing.

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    Sorry you lost your first place but there was a big problem with the regatta this week. Many races had co-ops with different number of racers. In my regata we changed team 3 times before they managed to put together 15 co-ops with 8 racers. Maybe you were leading because some of the other teams had less racers then your co-op?
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    That same issue happened to us.

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