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Thread: 10.04 Issues With Progress & Decorations (iOS, Android)

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    New to this so might be posting wrong. I'm on level 526. It says NEW LEVELS AVAILABLE SOON. I can't go any farther in game. Do you know when NEW LEVELS will come out for (Android) Kindle Fire? It's been a month now & I can find no other place to inquire. Thanks.

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    Shelley Beaulieu
    I updated your game on two of my iPads, and we lost our decorations on both. My son is really sad that his decorations are gone, and now doesn't even want to play your game anymore. Is there any way we can get these back?

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    i was on level 117-118 , was asked to update my game & lost all my progress aswell as my friends on my list , can you please help i have sent many issue reports but have not heard nothing from support !!

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    Please help, been stuck on level 26 for some time even deleted the game 4 times

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    Hi, Annesta! Please note that this is the "Announcement" section of the forum. All the questions connected with the gameplay are located in the "General Discussions" section Also, you should definitely check out how we dealt with the level 26. Follow this link!

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