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Thread: 10.04 Issues With Progress & Decorations (iOS, Android)

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    10.04 Issues With Progress & Decorations (iOS, Android)

    Hello everyone,

    We know you are having issues in the game at the moment. We want assure you that the developers are actively working to resolve these issues and release a bug-fixing update as soon as possible. Until then you may experience the following issues with the game:

    - Loss of progress;
    - Issues with decorations (no animation, wrong size);
    - And other minor bugs and errors.

    If you lost your progress, please be sure to email us via the Report an Issue tab and include the level you were at before. We are experiencing an extremely high volume of support requests at this time, so it might take some time to receive a response. However, we always get back to every player!

    We deeply regret this incident and apologize for the inconvenience it has caused you. We can't thank you enough for your continued patience.

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    Well, darn it, Ksenia! I just got around to downloading the update a little while ago and was blissfully unaware there were problems with it.

    Oh well, huh? LOL

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    Susan Gerschkow
    Disappearing purchases....yes a huge issue. How are you going to,reimburse players for the items that no longer appear in aquariums?
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    I'm not able to feed the fish and my items are
    Getting smaller

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    Oh yes it won't let me report an issue

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    Customer Service in Fishdom seems very poor. You just get a generic reply, that fails to address the issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masaka View Post
    Customer Service in Fishdom seems very poor. You just get a generic reply, that fails to address the issue
    Hi Masaka

    The first email is just generic information and your ticket number to do follow up. As for the proper answer it may takes up more then a week before they get back to you. As they say in the email, they have a high volume of emails. They are ussually very good at getting back with us, but it takes time.

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    Given the rip off prices for diamonds, one would expect the company to take bugs that destroy hard won progress rather more seriously than they seem to be doing. This game is about money, not customer satisfaction.

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    The game just start from level 1 after I did the update 27/04/2016, I was in level 82 !!!

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    Лера Михайлова
    Как пройти 104 уровень?

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