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    Unfortunately not.

    Temporary is indeed temporary.

    The only way to move it and not have it revert is to physically move everything where you want it (like you do when you just move one or two odd things around).

    Of course then if you don't like it, you can't just cancel out and revert it all back, so... Pick your poison, I guess...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catgeens View Post
    OMG! Sorry guys. I guess I might have misunderstood.
    I have another question:
    I started redoing my township. I put all my decorations in storage. Then opened my temporary storage and put everything in it. Took off all the roads and concreat. Made everything green except the river. Started working on my beach and got a phone call and when I went back it was just like it was when I started. That took me forever. I guess temporary is the key word. Thought I could save it and come right back. No dice.
    Any other ideas?
    Unfortunately, yeah, it's temporary. You can't save the progress and come back to it later. You kinda need to do it in one go.
    I would suggest to do everything in smaller areas. Especially since at level 41 you don't have too many buildings or a lot of space to work with.
    Also, plan ahead what expansions you want to get first - along the water, or next to the mountains, or in the middle, etc. and what you want to move there when you expand.
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    Thank you
    That sucks. It must really suck for people in really high levels. They should make it semi temporary so you can save and come back for 24 hours.
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    Catgeens: I have a friend who redoes his town and has ALL the buildings, houses, etc.

    Main core of his town is pretty much left alone.

    Decos placed in storage.
    All factories lined up on one side.
    All houses sorted by color, size and lined up on another side.
    Roads, water, landscaping removed.

    When the placement is ready, it is like shopping at Target or Walmart - choose your items and build/design from there.
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    Thanks Nana,
    That's a good idea. Think I'm gonna try that.
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