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Thread: Boards Are Still Impossible To Accumulate

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    After it's been raining boards for the last three days I have more than enough for my last enclosure. But my joy was not lasting long. When the enclosure was ready I was missing 62 slabs !!!!!!!!!! Got 4 slabs since.

    Why must Township always be so frustrating. ...

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    Bre Catlett
    I was so excited to get to level 40 so that i could get the zoo. I even bought t cash to speed up the building. What a let down. I agree, you lose interest because of how long everything takes. Love the game but the zoo...not so much. I hope they change things soon

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    My recent experience with the Zoo plus a post in another thread caused me to revive this thread. The post is below and edited by me to get it down to just the relevant facts (the entire post is HERE).

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack O'Lantern View Post
    <snip>...which has resulted in a material distribution system that results in a boring and unfair game. I now wait for weeks to collect enough materials to buy a new zoo enclosure...</snip>

    <snip>...I really truly think you need to start with changing your system to supply a fair variety of goods in trains...</snip>
    I've been advancing the Zoo at a pretty good clip, mostly due to the current regatta season which has a task geared to accumulating lots of popularity points (hearts) in a hurry. However, I'm now able to advance a level and unlock a new enclosure before the previous enclosure is completed. This is most due to the need for "Timber" (aka "Boards", not "Slabs"). Currently, I need a total of 116 Timber to complete the Reindeer enclosure, the Petting Zoo Shop, and a couple of upgrades to the existing shops. I'm also close to the next level which will unlock the Toucan enclosure which will need its own pile of Timber.

    The main source of Timber is, of course, selling items at the shops and gathering hearts. This action, of course, not only hastens the achievement of the next zoo level (and another enclosure) but also does not guarantee you'll get Timber. Screwdrivers, Hinges, Duct Tape, the occasional Gem/Jewel, and some Land Expansion tools also show up. If it remains this way, I can see a very long cycle where I'll be selling items and just waiting for Timber and discarding a lot of other materials as I run out of barn space.

    So, I think a reasonable suggestion / wish would be to have the trains start delivering Zoo materials *after* the town has completed *all* the Community Buildings. You can easily tell when that happens because the town's population cap will be "max" (currently 17,845). Once you hit that limit, the need for Bricks, Glass, and Slabs are in the Zoo but are almost useless without the Timber to go with them.

    I would be happy if the trains just started delivering Timber but other materials would be extra special.

    Thanks for listening

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    Cdosr: A couple of notes on the timber supply...

    Playrix mercifully reduced the amount of timber required for enclosures some months ago - the requirement used to be much worse.

    As one who spent the past 9 months working to finish my Zoo, I followed the advice of Cobalt and while an enclosure was under construction was able to pretty rapidly collect the remaining timber needed for completion as I earned hearts for the next enclosure. It is rather like building CBs in town - do it one at a time. I completely ignored any upgrades requiring timber and did not even attempt to build the Beverage concession. Now that my Zoo is finished, I am doing those upgrades I passed on earlier.
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    Indeed one building at a time in the zoo too - enclosure or shop. Since enclosures only want two of the three materials plus timber, the third unneeded material can be sold or used to upgrade a zoo shop.

    I sell so many zoo products timber is not a problem, though. I usually end up selling the excess for space.
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    Thanks Nana and Veganville for your replies. I guess I was inspired by seeing a lot of comments about how long it takes to complete anything in the zoo. I thought having the trains start helping with the zoo materials was a decent suggestion so I thought I'd add my vote for it. I don't know why I didn't initially put it in the "wish list" forum.

    I agree that the "one building at a time" rule of thumb is a good one and I'm trying to follow it. But I keep a spreadsheet with the various requirements for the "next enclosure", the "next shop", and the "next upgrades" so that I can get a total view of what is required to advance. It helps in both setting priorities on what to do next and is what to keep / sell when the barn gets full (which is always).

    Shop upgrades are throwing me off The zoo related regatta tasks sort of force me into upgrading the shops to get the most baskets, hearts, and then reduced time to sell. With 44 baskets now, those tasks are a lot easier. I used to avoid them but now they're high on my list of desirable tasks.

    I'm glad that they reduced the timber requirements as well as reducing the number of hearts it takes to get a reward from the shops, I don't know how you folks who did their zoos in the early days of the game did it and kept your sanity. My hat's off to you (need an emoji for that )

    Zoo spreadsheet.jpg

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    The whole scene is ridiculous i have just started the petting zoo . I have 12 boards I need 48 which may take weeks

    I hsve just finished the reindeer enclosure I used t cash for the last few boards

    Im not going to pay for more boards to finish the current building which looks like its gonna be a long job . I have slabs bricks glass tape coming out of my ears

    I know plenty who have given up around this point snd im getting close to joining them I just dont have anymore money to burn on tnis game

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    And they are still impossible to get. Takes the fun out of building the zoo. Why don’t the trains bring them?

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    So the boards and other zoo-specific materials can only be found in the zoo, HOL, and Raja?
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    Yep. I keep hoping they'll add timber to planes and trains, but so far, no luck.
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