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    Flea Market

    Inspired by Robin Refi's lovely Farmer's Market and, having no illusions about the developers ever implementing this "partially help players" idea, I decided to post a wistful what-if:

    The barn is bursting with over-harvested carrots. The beverage factory has already made its seasonal order of ingredients for its best-selling vitamin cocktail. Easter's over, the bunny and carrot cakes have departed and only one friendly town needs a carload of carrots for the next train.

    What am I going to do? I should never have purchased that fertilizer from the mafia guy, but he made an offer I couldn't refuse...

    As I walk along the train tracks, looking for discarded construction slabs, I notice the weather-beaten billboard at the Event Center. Suddenly, a gold balloon pops over my head!

    If I could convince the Weschex town leaders to lease the space, I could turn the Event Center into a flea market! All my suppliers could rent tables, push their surplus and introduce new products to the townsfolk! Of course, I would unload my barn there, too!

    I sigh. Raja would never allow it. It would kill his high-profit business.

    I'll just have to wait until the Mexican restaurant starts offering corn soup...

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    All of what you said Mitch, but then they should give us our customizable billboards that I suggested in an earlier post! We could advertise our farmer's markets to our townspeople and even leave messages. We could have different types to choose from sort of like our township sign. The possibilities go on!

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    Yes Mitch, I agree, Robin does have a nice town. The use of colors is eye popping. Your ideas and your prose are unique. A fella can dream right?

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    @Robin - indeed, the possibilities are endless. I love the idea of actually being able to customize the billboard!

    @Cobalt Banana - Thanks for the compliments. These stories are my way of extending the play of Township. I guess we would call it Fan Fic. LOL

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    Mitch, You do it with flair sir.

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