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Thread: 133pts More Than Maximum

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    133pts More Than Maximum

    Hi playrix never got back to me it's a week on Tuesday!! The 2 player team scored 133pts more than the maximum and my original post has gone,.... So I don't know what anyone thought of this, instead of 2nd place we came 3rd ....Gold league 16 tasks each we feel so cheated, all who play this game work hard at the tasks and don't deserve this treatment hope no one else has suffered this, chin up 🌞🌞🌞🌞

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    Ooo, if you named and shamed then you’d get edited, if not deleted, for breaking rules. So you never did get an explanation for the oddity? Oh dear.. sympathies. Perhaps your query got lost in the gazillion cries over the team mismatching saga.

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    Sorry your problem hasn't been fixed, i would send another report from within the game.
    Btw, your post still exists, it's in the Township Troubles & Solutions sub-forum: 133pts More Than Perfect Score.

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    I would never name of shame any team .... It's not there fault!!
    Thanks for telling me about the move i didn't know that 😘

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