My friends list is really long and it takes FOREVER to scroll all the way to my lower level friends. It's so inconvenient to have to swipe my finger dozens of times to search down the friend list that I often don't bother giving gifts at all! I'd love it if you could add some additional ways of locating a particular friend that you wish to send a gift to.

Some potential solutions to this problem are:
1. Add a give gift button to all of the recent helpers so that you can easily reward those who have helped you load your train or plane. (This is the best idea and one I would really like to see implemented!!!)

2. Add a search box so you can type in their name and auto scroll to them in your list of friends. OR type in their level and have it scroll to that spot in the list. OR add forward and reverse arrows to make scrolling easier and faster.

3. Ability to change the sort order of friends, like putting the lowest level friends first instead of the highest level.