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Thread: Township bucks

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    Heather Ahrem DeCarmine

    Township bucks

    Is there any promo codes to get more bucks in this game? I think there should be more ways to get bucks and instead of when you sign in game everyday it should be every other day coins and than bucks. I don't feel that it should cost so much bucks for items and most of all for the market. To use the guy for 1 day it's 12 bucks and than it is way to high after that. Any ideas?

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    Hi Heather

    There is no promo code for this game. You will get offer to buy T-cash at a reduced price. I receive such an offer about once every 2 weeks.

    This game can be expensive if you don't like to wait. It is a planning and waiting game more then anything else.

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    Rachel Granoff
    I used to use real cash to buy t bucks, but since the jewelry store came into play I use raj to earn the bucks to keep him . I also stopped paying for the locked chests.

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    I currently have 400 township cash - all earned, none bought. There are a lot of ways to earn cash in Township. You can earn it by completing collections in the museum, opening the free balloon, playing in the House of Luck, sending full planes, filling jewelry orders with the helicopter, participating in events, completing families at zoo, sending chests to the islands, etc.

    As for the market dealer, it is a better deal to purchase him for the long run. Once he expires, you receive a special deal to buy him for the week.

    If you are going to use Township cash to speed up production, expansions, etc. you will never have enough money. This is a long term game and with patience, you can earn significant cash.

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    I haven't been given t cash for the plane in quite a while and have never been given t cash from a sea chest.

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