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Thread: Academy of Industry: show bars/ingots in order, show bars from bank

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    Georgia Lundgren

    Academy of Industry: show bars/ingots in order, show bars from bank

    When using the Academy of Industry, I find it difficult to determine which upgrade to get next since the number of smelted bars/ingots in my barn is not shown. The only indication is whether the number of required bars is red vs white. It doesn't tell you how many more you have to make to meet the requirement (the way it does for the building supplies needed to finish a community building.)

    It's also confusing because sometimes the order of bars/ingots goes from bronze to platinum (in the foundry) and sometimes it goes from platinum to bronze (ores in the mine) and (required bars for the academy upgrades).

    Finally, it's confusing because the colors of the bars are so similar to each other. Bronze looks like gold and silver looks similar to platinum. One cannot rely on the order of the bars to tell which one is which, because the order is not consistent throughout the game.

    I prefer the order going from bronze to platinum and I think it should be consistent everywhere. If possible, I would like it to be much clearer how many bars I already have and how many more I need to make to do an upgrade.

    FYI, I'm 50 years old and have to wear glasses to see the tiny icons on the screen. Plus, I use F.lux at night to dim my screen and add an orange hue and this makes it even harder to tell which bar is which and what color they are. The Academy of Industry needs to be more user friendly for us older players!

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    Hi Georgia, the only way to tell at present, how many ingots are needed when the number that you have is red - is to tap the upgrade button, then tap the relevant upgrade, then tap the ingot button - you will then get a window stating that you don't have enough and how many are needed BUT... you have to be careful as you can very easily end up purchasing the required number needed instead of backing out. There is no confirmation button for using T-cash here and a number of players have mistakenly purchased the ingots.

    This is also rather fiddly and I agree with you that it would be so much easier, if we could tell immediately how many of each were needed.

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    Arlene James
    I have been thinking exactly the same thing, Georgia. My elderly eyes also have a difficult time analysing the colours. One possible (easy?) solution would be a large letter stamp on the ingots. Ie: P for platinum and S for silver, etc.
    Meadow Vale Township

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