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Thread: Color of Friends

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    Georgia Lundgren

    Color of Friends

    I noticed that my "in-game" friends are blue and the rest are tan.

    My suggestion is to make more colors to indicate Facebook friends, Google plus friends, and only the folks who are not friends at all should stay tan.

    It's annoying when I scroll through the list of who needs help that I can't tell who is already a friend of mine versus the folks who only show up because they are currently on the "find friends" tab.

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    Georgia, you will come to appreciate the find friends list. You can find some very helpful people in it. Go to their town then click on their avatar in the upper left corner to see their statistics. You can see how many people they have helped. From there, you can decide if you would like to invite them to be an in-game friend of yours. Check it out with an open mind. See you in town!

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    Georgia Lundgren
    I think you misunderstood....

    I LOVE the find friends list! I have used it extensively and am approaching my limit of 50.

    My issue is that I can't tell the difference between people who are already my friends (from Google+) and those who are not my friends yet and who I might want to invite to be my friend because they are all the same color of tan.

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    Gotcha! You can add me if you don't mind waiting on pending list. Have helped over 35,000.

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