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Thread: Level 663

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    Level 663

    Have been stuck on this level for days. Youtube stuff all shows the level to be played without having to fill basket of oranges to clear centre panel of pieces. I'm beginning to think this level is impossible and I need to stop playing the game.

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    Can you post a screenshot of the level? I'm in the 1100s levels, and never encountered any oranges..
    Also, sometimes the devs tweak the levels, and the number of the level can change, that can be a reason why you don't find the same level when you google it, and why is useful to post a screenshot so other players can help you.

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    It's possible Carol means apples not oranges... I know there's a joke there somewhere... as there are a number of videos with someone having to collect 12 apples to clear the picnic basket in the middle of the playing field. It also has four columns of river current cycling items up and down the screen and a myriad of boxes blocking the other usable squares. The goal it seems, is to remove 7 lemonade and uncover 7 gnomes.

    Does this sound like the level you're struggling with?

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    Thank you so much for responding folks. I did manage to beat the level, although I couldn't tell you what made the difference. Now stuck for 5 days on another level, will have a go at trying to post a screen shot - never done it before.

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    No, it was definitely oranges

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Hall View Post
    No, it was definitely oranges

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