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Thread: Level 95

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    Holly Tatro

    Level 95

    I have been stuck on level 95 for days and getting flustered. Any help would be great or I will just delete the game.

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    Hi Holly,

    I am sorry we have missed your question!

    Level 95 is quite hard, and it requires a lot of attention on your part. The most important thing is to focus on only one area (either the left or the right side of the field). You need to clear up some space on one of the sides as soon as possible. As a result, automatic matches will destroy the blocker tiles in the center, and it will be much easier to make bombs.

    In addition, you really need to keep a close eye on the field, as it is essential that you do not lose any chances to make bombs. Do not rush into using the bombs though – try to get a couple of bombs close to each other, as this will clear more space and add more charge to the Lightning power-up.

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