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Thread: Perfume Factory

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    ok thank you

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    Got 350 000

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    I'm at level 75 and I use boosters, good timing is after regatta friday to next tuesday, even if you have some task to finish in regatta, choose at the end something like mining, definatly not crops or producing something.
    Run simultanously "vibrant market" 3days and twice "generous customers" and "high-speed productions" both 2 days. Use Tcash if You are few gems short. I have 80 boxes in market, guess 60+ is ok. Market changes every 3h + Your producing speed is -40%, you only need time to send helis. Forget helping others at this point, focus only helis.
    At this weekend I got Down Feather factory 480 000 + Scyscraper community building 125 000 and I have still 30h this heli booster active.

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    is the perfume factory worth building as ive seen no orders from it

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty View Post
    is the perfume factory worth building as ive seen no orders from it
    I'd say it is worth building. Not only you'll get orders from it (helis, trains, planes), but there are also two regatta tasks related to the items produced in this factory that are quite easy to do.
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