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Thread: Better View Of Your Aquarium

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    K Nicholas Carlson

    Fish Tank View Only

    Hi, I love the game challenging though it is. I'd like to have a way to view the fish tanks without icons like a screen saver and the ability to capture cute dialogues like a movie.

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    Boris Lebedev
    Hello K Nicholas Carlson,

    Sadly, in the current version of the game, you can not view your aquarium without the progress bars and buttons. However, I'm sure that the existing view can make a great screensaver as well

    Anyway, let's stay hopeful that this feature will be added in the future.
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    Better View Of Your Aquarium

    Hello. It would be nice if you can have an option to view your aquarium without all of the other icons on the screen. I have searched around for this capability but do not see this as an option right now. Thank you.

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