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Thread: level 48!

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    level 48!

    Stuck here for a while now. I'm tempted to buy bombs but I only have 13 diamonds and they don't come along easily either! Also, I don't understand...for example it says to start game with two black bombs....but the pic shows two bombs with "×3" beside the pic. Does that mean I get the two bombs three times?

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    Kim Kz
    Exactly right, you get 3 sets of 2 bombs.
    Just don't do what I did. I had 9 diamonds, just got 5 for collecting gold. I needed 3 tiles to complete 109, that I've been on for many resurrections. So I spent my only 9 dimes for 5 last moves and didn't get the last tile lol. Talk about kicking yourself!
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    Oh no! So sorry!! I got a little distracted one tim and hit "keep playing" by accident and got an additional 5 moves when I needed about 55 more moves! There went my gems

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