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Thread: Random Chest Chain (Endgame)

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    Random Chest Chain (Endgame)

    This has probably already been mentioned somewhere since it's a large amount of opinions regarding these.
    There are at least 3 different setups of the chest levels, with in my opinion different difficulty.
    If you don't finish the entire chain, you will have to start over the next time you come to the chest levels. But you always have to start over on the chain you were on the last time.
    I would like to randomize the chest chain you start on the next time, if you never finished the current chest chain when the new levels arrived. So you have a chance of playing different chest levels if you don't have the patience to play through the entire chain while waiting for new levels.

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    I don't mind playing the same chain I didn't get to finish but think I would enjoy a new set of levels each week, whether or not I finished the previous set. +1 for this idea.

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    Hey guys!

    Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure to forward the suggestion to our development team. They'll see what they can do.
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