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Thread: Finding The Game Too Difficult Overall? Comment Here

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    Yup I’m done with these games their all designed the same. Pay to win.

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    you are too greedy

    I, like most players, am prepared to pay a little money to keep this nice game going.
    Not a ton of money. Get real, Playrix.

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    I think it is telling that there is a sticky at the very beginning of this forum page. I have no issues with a challenging game, or paying to support a game I really like. Development doesn't come free. However, there is a balance. The boosters, which are very situationally useful, are very expensive to buy for real money (buying coins, etc), 900 coins for five lives is very expensive and as I've gotten to level 200 (and am still not out of the kitchen yet...) it's now gone to a hard level at every other level. There is so much content, it seems, as you scroll around, but when it takes 2-3 days to get out of a hard level for a single star? That is really excessive and not inclining me to pay for coins at the current rate. I'd be more willing to buy them if I knew there was more of a return.

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    Really stuck on 154, please give more moves and/or lessen the red and blue pieces needed. Thank you.

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    3 hrs of my life and I got 2 stars never do that again why why so hard......kime


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    Me too. Level 99 impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdamos View Post
    Me too. Level 99 impossible.
    Have you seen this discussion?
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    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    I agree with what’s been said. The game just comes across as being greedy. It could be an amazing game if they just gave a few more moves per level it would balance the difficulty to reward.

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    Any thoughts about getting 2 stars for the difficult levels? Feels like they should be worth more than 1 star

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    I, personally, enjoy the new mechanics and amped difficulty of Homescape vs Gardenscape.

    However, part of the reason it's more challenging than Gardenscapes is because the power ups are so underpowered. That's acceptable, but they need to work right, which is the topic of a different thread I started. (The planes are pretty bad...)

    Anyway, I'm posting on behalf of my wife who loves Gardenscape, but quit Homescapes. She thinks it's far too difficult. This should get Playrix's attention because, unlike me, she's willing to spend real money to get power ups and coins. She says, "the levels are too hard, the power ups are too weak, and why do ANY of Austin's tasks in either game take more than a single star?"

    IMHO, Playrix makes the most beautiful match 3 games and their mechanics are the best. (Although Matchington has some cool mechanics too.) However, as other people have pointed out, it doesn't take much to go from "challenging brilliant game" to "money grab". When you have this many people complaining, maybe it's time to reevaluate?

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