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Thread: Finding The Game Too Difficult Overall? Comment Here

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    Hi ..I agree with you it is frustrating, and you wait far to long for the lives to fill, I'm stuck on level 64... Hope to crack it soon!!

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    Here's an example of level 64 being done.

    Since spreading the carpet is the hardest of the 2 tasks you're given, focus on that. The paper plane booster combined with a round bomb or rocket works especially well for laying carpet. I never really worried about the cookies since I seemed to get them automatically by trying to spread more carpet.
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    Think game is hard. U have to be stuck forever. Like it hard but not tryingly hard

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    I will to I play all there games but this one makes me crazy

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    I am also stuck on 99, ridiculous level, after a week of trying i also give up. Don't get me wrong, i like a challenge but this game is such a desperate cash cow it's no longer enjoyable. Admin clearly don't care either as no comments from them about the untold complaints about the difficulty. Game now deleted.

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    Why so difficult

    I understand the company wanting everyone to buy coins, but I am not going to empty my acct to get through one stinking level. I also understand the higher level, the more difficult. I also play Gardenscapes and I up there in levels, so if it takes me a couple days, I kind of get it. But I like playing. Now I am only in the low hundreds in this game, but it seems much, much harder, and so frustrating then when is was in these levels in the other game. It is almost like the programmers want this game to fail.

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    This game plays very differently than Fishdom and Gardenscapes. It's much more dependent on power-up/booster combinations than other games. Without combining the various boosters, it's all but impossible to do most levels. Also, this game seems to have fewer moves than other games, most likely to encourage the aforementioned combinations. If you get the right combos, you can clear the boards. I think this makes the game seem harder.
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    Bethany... so true... It also really helps if u have a lot of friends sending u lives... So, I would suggest woolmanv (as I notice u r new to the Forum), and u may already have many friends, but if u don't, do consider this... U of course, and I am sure already know this, will have to link up w/friends through FB... I have been getting at least over 20 lives a day, as my Township Friends r also connected w/this game (same w/Fishdom and Gardenscapes..). The graphics, as always (Playrix never disappoints), r awesome... It has already been mentioned on this forum, and I am just getting the hang of it... Using those boosters when the fall side by side... My, my they fly all over the place... I have not updated my level in my signature (need to get on that...), but anyway, good luck and again, welcome to the Forum..., Kim
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    You should not have to add a bunch of randoms to your facebook account to enjoy the game though. I got up to 70 fairly quickly but it has been slow since then and I do not find it as enjoyable as Gardenscapes where you get the odd really difficult level but some easier ones in between. Add in the bonuses in Gardenscapes like the daily spin and contest things where you can earn boosters which make it possible without spending actual cash (yes, I know the update is coming, but people have already stopped playing Homescapes because it is too hard so they should be paying attention to the constant complaints about it).

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    Homescapes is significantly more difficult than Gardenscapes. I rarely get stuck on a Gardenscapes level for more than 2 or 3 attempts. But I've spent dozens of lives on almost every level of Homescapes. I either get super lucky with boosters and eek out a win or don't even come close. Most of the time I'm miles away. On Gardenscapes I was usually really close to victory; Homescapes I'm never in the vicinity.

    I thought maybe it would just come down to learning about new strategies and new ways to approach levels but as it stands I feel like my skills and capabilities fall extremely short of being useful or beneficial. We'll see what the next month brings but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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