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Thread: Finding The Game Too Difficult Overall? Comment Here

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    Angry $$

    Quote Originally Posted by Grannyval View Post
    Im finding the same thing and it seems like the game is just a money sink. Please make this more player friendly it is a good game but totally too difficult and too expensive.
    Exactly my thoughts. The levels are too hard and getting extra men is way too expensive. If this isn't fixed with the upgrade, I'm cancelling.

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    I'm finding in trying to get stars thru games, can't increase cash flow. I just started the game and wish there was an easier way to earn coins in the game itself. Ie extra tasks like cleaning.

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    I refuse to spend real money on any game.

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    Though I don't know what all will be offered as rewards, I do know that daily rewards are being added to the game with the October update. It's reasonable to assume that gold coins will be among the rewards offered, so that would be another way to get gold coins.

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    We haven't enough move.... and 900 gold for only 5 moves ? Do you think it's only your game ? We have other games. Know that yoi need money... but serious ? Would you pay a game like this only to play it simple? Do something or you will lost a lot of players.

    My advice is : more moves .

    How i can do 5 donuts and ~60 green patch with only 25 moves ?

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    The real key to finishing most of the levels in this game is to play them until you get power-ups that you can combine with other power-ups. Like the rainbow ball and paper plane, bomb, or rocket. Because nearly all the levels have less moves than it would take to progress by moving only 1 or 2 pieces at a time, power-ups are a must. You can either buy the power-ups and hammers or keep playing a level until you happen to get the combinations you need. I'm guessing the low number of moves relative to the requirements are by design. They want people to pay for the game since that's how they make their money. But a lot of players swear by finishing everything without spending money. The catch, of course, is the repetition needed to do it this way.

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    I am hoping if/when they add daily prizes (like the wheel in Gardenscapes), that they will consider adding a Star as a possible prize (wish they would do this on Gardenscapes wheel too...

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    Daily Coins

    I can’t help but think the daily (or more) coins after watching a short video is the daily bonus the game creators think is their idea for a daily bonus. It is nice but will take a while to earn power ups! A daily bonus wheel would be nice either in addition or instead of.
    Is this what was new to get in October? I have yet to get an update.

    Also, any tips for level 67?
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    We haven't had the October update yet. No, the ads are not the dailies. They will be adding a daily reward system to the game that is separate from the ads this month. So far as I know, a release date for the October update has never been mentioned.

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    Finding The Game Too Difficult Overall? Comment Here

    I’m noticing many people are experiencing the same thing as myself. The game I believe was made for entertainment. Why are you developing the levels so hard, that’s going to push people away. I’ve spent money to help further myself and still it was a waste of money because I continued to be stuck on a level for a while. Is there a settings that could be changed? I really thought I was the only one going through this. Something has to give

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