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Thread: Finding The Game Too Difficult Overall? Comment Here

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    Lo de los relojes es horrible.

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    I have to agree with everyone's complaints. The games are not fun when stuck on a level for weeks. At that point, the entertainment level rivals watching mold grow. Not everyone has 24/7 to do nothing but sit on a computer. When you have limited time to play computer games, you look for fun relaxing entertaining value. These are not cutting it. Hopefully the devs will actually read the comments and fix the problem. They are cute games but certainly not worth frustration when the sites of free games are virtually unlimited to choose from.

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    The competition for app games is indeed fierce. Most of them are free. As always, the key is balance. Make a game too annoying, with too little rewards, and people will go elsewhere, and there are plenty of places to go.
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    The higher level the more the game is ridiculous!! Alarm clocks seems to be designed to only fleece people. A Game should be enjoyable, this one Is not....JUST WANTS MONEY, I am rapidly getting tired of this as im sure many others are too!!! FIX IT

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    I'm done. The recent changes have made it so I can't complete a level without spending money. A game with no rewards is not fun.

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    You have to use skill and have patience to earn stars. You don't need money either...

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    Seriously homescapes team, some levels are ridiculous. I have played the last one 52 times. Very frustrating.

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    So sick of all the PLAYRIX Games. Going to uninstall all three of them home scapes Gardenscapes and Fishdom. Every single one of them is too hard I have been stuck on levels for days and days. The rewards are nonexistent. You get coins you can’t possibly use on anything. When you do get boosters! They go exactly where you don’t need them. When you get the boosters in the beginning of the game they take the only decent first move that you have. I will not spend money on this. Have not, will not. Looking for new games now. [-]
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    The cat levels on homescapes is a joke I got to last level before reaching cat at top using every single bonuses I had not in a million year can you beat these levels without purchasing loads of bonuses

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    I do too! I find it relaxing to update the house and garden, but the match 3 game is irritating. I wish there were different settings.

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