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Thread: Finding The Game Too Difficult Overall? Comment Here

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    Why am I remodeling the garden for 100 levels in homescapes... isn't that what Gardenscapes for?? I wish stars were easier to get, I spend so much time and money!

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    i watch walk throughs on youtube, still i have to play weeks on the same level just to earn 1 star, r

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    Walk throughs on YouTube only shows you when they achieve the proper combos and win, not the number of times they have espent on the achievement. This game has taught me to be patient: everything depends on the figures that come out after a determinate movement: estrategies are of no use if you don't get the proper figures to form combos, believe me Good luck.

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    I hope the Homescapes developers are reading this post

    I come from Germany and discover the Homescapes Game just a few weeks before. I like the mixture of storytelling, old mansion renovating and difficult puzzles to be solved. My compliment for the developers!

    So it's quite easy to understand that you have to earn money with it - so far so good. But for holding players for a longtime in future, you should think over some details that might displace many of them even if they love playing Homescapes!

    In the first week/s I hardly tried to solve the levels without buying coins. Sometimes I have to repeat a level for 50 times or so until the moment the right powerups which can be combined appeared. Only a few tasks in two rooms completed, often on the threshold of deep frustation!

    Then, Homescapes offers a bait advertising - many coins for a dumping prize - and I started spending coins for powerups, continue playing and so on. And I learned: it's absolutely no problem to spend 21000 coins just for completing 3-4 levels... And that is far to much!!

    The tasks in a room often cost 2 stars just for a telephone call... to much! You should offer a quite nice mixture of renovation with stories of Austin/ cat/ parents and lighter levels combined with difficult ones for "greater" tasks. And difficult means: can be solved... number of moves... additional powerups that can be bought while playing the level in the area on the left side !

    The majority of players would not spend more than 20 Euro per month (ca. 25 USD) just for having some fun in their free time. So there might be some ways to make sure the players don't quit the game:
    ► Buying coins - please give more coins for the amounts
    ► Alternatively - Powerups should not cost 900 coins for a rainbowspherical or a live but - let me say - 200 coins
    ► Lower the star requirement for "little" tasks
    ► Please make not every level "unsolvable" (= requiring to buy lives or powerups). The players need to have the experience of success :-)

    I think you have developed a great game and I really would like to continue playing it even if I have to spend 20 Euro per month for it.

    Hoping my suggestions would be heard - and realized!

    Kirsten from Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by samousa View Post
    i watch walk throughs on youtube, still i have to play weeks on the same level just to earn 1 star, r
    Hi Samousa

    We have to learn a new way to play match-3. Take your time and look for all the boosters you can create on the board. A match-3 is no good and we do one only when we find nothing else. We have to learn to "see" the match-4 to create airplanes. We have to learn how to use the different combos as some are better then other in each situation.
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    i need heartssssssssssss for homescapes
    add me on Facebook and send me hearts and i'll send you back : ASAL ALIPOUR

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    I play games gardenscapes. Lots of bonus. Tough. But can do. Homescapes no good bonus. Takes 4ever. Ready to give up. WIPE U OUT. get discouraged

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    I couldn’t agree more. Fishdom is one of the lovliest games ever, ruined by the frustrating difficulty, such a shame!

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    I have been stuck on level 42 for a while.. Ready to uninstall but I really like the game!!!!!

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