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Thread: Finding The Game Too Difficult Overall? Comment Here

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    These hard levels are crazy been play been playing same level for months guit playing for awhile went back today same thing. Might think about deleting other games to play

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dylangma60 View Post
    Why is it so difficilt to earn one star? Why only one?
    I am stuck in level 130 in the game room and in 1872 at mobile. I don't know why they make it so hard to proceed

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    Game seems to be designed to fleece people of as much money as possible, using the boosters quite often doesnt help much or at all, joining 2 boosters eg: plane and rocket always sends the rocket in the wrong direction. If you use a rainbow ball its almost guaranteed that 1) you will never get a booster 2) you will be forced to waste it. Finally winning a hard level gets the grand total of ONE star & then it takes 50+ stars to even complete a day!!!

    The point of a game is to be enjoyable & entertaining, this game is frustrating, expensive and now VERY Boring, The developers should take a look at Rovio who manage to develop several games that are entertaining and do not try and fleece people at every level.

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    been on same level for 3 weeks n always fall short1 gnome might uninstall it's redicoulus too bad because other than that it's a good game

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    I have to agree. I'm new to the game & already struggling to complete a level. What I am finding so frustrating is that so far I don't feel that I have beat a level based on skill but rather on random luck as it depends upon where the rockets are placed and what game pieces I get where, etc. Playing well doesn't seem possible based on effort or skill, which is why getting stuck on a level is upsetting because it's like you just wait for luck to come through or you buy your way through, which is unfair.

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    At the start of the game it’s 1 star to complete a task....then 2 star tasks crept in. I’m on lvl 503 and...boom....a 4 star task..... it’s not endearing me to the game as I’m stuck on level 503!!!

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    I started both Gardenscapes and Homescapes the same day. I must honestly say Homescapes is way too hard. In Gardenscapes I am at level 979 and here in Home I am only at level 377. In Home even the basic levels can take +20 lives to pass where the hard levels take days if you don't want to spend money buying coins and boosters. As you can only pass a level using boosters. In Homescapes it is impossible to win levels back to back where in Garden I can easily win multiple levels in a row earning the power up prizes. I can max out the rewards in garden and keep it going for several levels. Forget ever achieving that here in Homescapes

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    I find some of the levels in Homescapes and Gardenscapes very difficult to beat.

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    Remove those horrible alarm clocks!!!! This adds stress to a fun game. You're already asking for a lot of play to earn very little in the way of improving the property. Many feel the same and you're losing players.

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    365 seems impossible.

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