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Thread: Placement of trees & fences

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    Kris Manfra Patterson

    Placement of trees & fences

    It would be nice if we could place trees and fences closer to other objects. This would make our towns look more realistic. Also have smaller flower beds and or small clumps of flowers that we can plant.

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    Hi Kris

    I agree that it would look better if we could place stuff nearer to one another but the basic grid do not allow that. It would mean redesigning the basic grid of the board by cutting each square in four. I thing this would put a lot of pressure on our device resources. I do not see this coming in the future. Same reason we do not have stop sign or street lights.
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    Could you have the tree or the fence off center? That would help.

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    Annette Vincent
    Yes I agree it would look so much nicer, and save space

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    Azalea Grove
    Maybe the solution would be to create squares that are half pavement or grass and half something else,like the fence or walkway.

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