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Thread: 05.10 Halloween Update Is Here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer Adkins View Post
    Nothing yet.

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    Halloween event showed up but I HAVE NO LEVELS TO PLAY, so I have to wait FOUR days to get more LEVELS and then only will have 25 LEVELS to try and decorate!? You should have set up like the Easter event and training area that has it's own levels. Sucks for your veteran players!

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    I downloaded three times, uninstalled 3 times, wiped out my whole phone and started from scratch, only to learn that you need 1 Gigabyte of ram.
    I only have .89 max after closing all the services I could. I spent a day and a half, trying to figure out why my whole system kept freezing. I just want to say my mind and say goodbye. There are a lot of people out there that have older phones that work just great, or they cannot afford to update to newer versions. It is such a shame that a lot of people who loved this game can no longer play, because your developers have bloated it with so much. I do not care to have a social media account, and I do not own a computer or have internet access. I used my phone. I made it to level 497 again. Already made it to that level once back in July, but had to uninstall and reinstall. I am not retrying this time. Thank you while the fun lasted. Time to look for another game. P.S. I wonder how many others you will lose because of this. I was using zte quartz with jelly bean.

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    Το παιχνίδι δεν ανοιγει καθόλου 3μερες τώρα..

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    I have it on my 600+ level game, but started a new one, in addition to, so I could actually get ALL the decorations. What level do you have to be in order for the Halloween stuff to kick in?? Up to 19 and nothing yet. 😕😕

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacee View Post
    Hola¡ soy nueva y me gustaría aprender a manejarme bien en el foro

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    i am on level 1765, if that doesn't qualify for a veteran player than i don't know what does. I have not received any halloween update other than the orangery contest (where if you complete so many levels you get unlimited play for up to 6 hours). i play daily and on either my pc or laptop. it would have been nice to decorate the mansion and gardens with halloween decor and i am not very happy that i wasn't able to do this.

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