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Thread: 05.10 Halloween Update Is Here!

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    05.10 Halloween Update Is Here!

    Hey, guys, it’s time for a spooky update!

    Don’t miss the new features we’ve prepared for you this time and decorate your garden for Halloween celebrations!

    Enjoy the new holiday event in the middle of October: earn pumpkins to exchange them for unique Halloween-styled decorations.
    Assemble the full collection of decor items to get a unique prize which will make the mansion look hauntingly beautiful!

    Create a stylish Halloween bouquet in the popular Orangery Flower event.

    Also featuring:
    New element making Honey an even trickier obstacle: break the Sugar Crust to remove the Honey from the field!
    The horse story gets another twist: train your new pet in the first show jumping session!

    New community-requested localizations: Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Dutch!

    Have fun and happy Halloween from our team!

    - Nataly

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    This sounds awesome!! I can't wait

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    Nothing yet.

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    Loving the animals in costume...just wish all these updates for the games i play wouldnt be so big

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    Ooppps wrong game lol

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    I love this game thanks

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    Halloween Update

    My game never updated to the Halloween event. Did anyone else have this same problem? I even deleted and reinstalled the game to no luck. I contacted customer support without receiving answers. Please help!

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    It's the 19th. Any iea when the Halloween items will be appearing?

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    I got no up date WERE IS IT AND HOW DO WE FIND IT ?????

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    I downloaded the halloween themed update weeks ago and nothing is different to this day. No response from developers.

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