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Thread: Coin Reward

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    Kim Kz

    Coin Reward

    Hi. I'm new to this game but one thing I learned fast is, playing it is very challenging. So when I've played a level 10-20 times, yes, I have done that, probably more, it's very disappointing when you lose and you get nothing, just a lost life.
    I think, and I'm sure I'm not alone, you should at least get coins or something for your hard work. Per piece or bomb or something. Anything but nothing. It would make the game more rewarding.
    Right now the only thing that keeps me going are my fish, I'm attached lol.
    Please consider my suggestion. Thank you.

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    Hi Kim

    I agree with you that it is quite discouraging at times. I like your idea of a consolation price :-)

    I don't know if you keep your game open all the time or if you close it but I close mine. When I open it, I get a few coins for cleaning it and feeding my fishes. Better then nothing but it takes a long time to afford a new decoration while we struggle with a level.
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    That's a good idea Kim, it would be great to get a few coins after failing a level.

    Have you noticed you always get to feed your fish again after you've used up your 5 lives? I always make sure to play games whilst in the tank that has the most fish - that way I get more coins when I feed them. It's only a small thing, but it makes the difference between getting only 2 coins if I'm in my newest tank, or getting 9 coins in my oldest tank! Over the course of a day this adds up to quite a few extra coins

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