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Thread: Level 443 no squid

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    Level 443 no squid

    Whats up with level 443? Cleared blocks and get 6 squid, but no squid but 2... Then 14 moves later finally get one. I know you have to make a basic move just for one to pop up..but not 14 moves later and only 25 to start? Thats just wrong.

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    Ok need help :)

    Really need tips or vidio on this one. Clear squares with bombs, no squid. Get squid, not enough moves to get squares because it takes to many regular moves to get squid and they dont clear with lightening bolt, sigh.

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    Is that in relation with your other post about level 400 something? If so I will join them in one thread.
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    Not really..was just venting in the other..but yes, same level

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