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Thread: Stuck on level 147

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    Jennifer Stubbs

    Stuck on level 147

    I have been stuck on level 147 for over a week now. I have tried detonating the dynamite and round black and yellow explosives in different orders with no luck except in one particular order I get down to a few tiles leftover everytime. I have also tried two lightenings together hoping for help and still have a few tiles left. If you have any suggestions for this level I would greatly apprectiate it. I was moving along in a good manner with hangups on some levels but have always managed to get past them. However, this level is getting me very frustrated! Thanks.

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    Hi Jennifer,

    I agree that some of the levels can be quite challenging. But you've got so far, I am sure you will pass this level as well!

    On level 147 you need a great deal of luck and skill. Do not rush into using the bombs. You should be patient and detonate the bombs in the most efficient order, so that they would clear most of the field and get you closer to victory. After that keep a close eye on the rest of the field and gain more boosters to clear it out.

    Good luck!

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