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Thread: 302 tips/hints

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    302 tips/hints

    Looking for any tips or hints on how to finish level 302. I have been stuck on this level for about 3 weeks now. I am out of gems and I am looking for a way to complete this level without the use of extra moves.

    I still cannot figure out if there is a pattern to making the squids spawn. When I try to focus on just the squid I end up getting 10-12 squids but only end up clearing 40 to 50 tiles. When I focus on just clearing the tiles I end up with 80+ tiles cleared but usually only 7 to 8 squid saved.

    My best game so far was 88/88 tiles and 11/12 squid and that is with the last of my 9 gems used. I am not sure if this level can be completed in the allotted 25 moves without having to use gems for additional moves.

    Thank you for any advice on how to complete this level.

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    J, I hope they send you a sight to go to. So far we cant step back and its hard to remember. It depends on if all squid are already on the board or do you have to wait for them to show up. If on the board, just concentrate on bombs and filling up the lightening thing...if you ever get two lightening together, they blow the whole board. If you have to wait for squid thats harder, because you cant blow anything up or they dont show up.

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    Thank you for the reply Ragtag7. So that gives me a bit of hope that at least someone has passed that level. I rarely have a game where after the 25 moves I feel like I could use 9 gems to compete the stage. The few games I have done so left me dejected and now I am out of gems to use. I guess I can restock when there is another sale.

    Level 302 starts with 3 squid and (as far as I know) randomly appear throughout the level. I have tried so many different ways to see if there was a connection with different moves or different fish tanks or different combinations to see if that would make a squid spawn but thus far I have not made the connection, if there even is one. I love it when 2 lightning are side by side, that does help clear the board but usually my problem is the squid.

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    Nobody from the Playrix staff wants to help me out here?

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    Hi JChan,

    I'm sorry we missed your question! To get through level 302 you need to act quickly and efficiently: try to collect squids immediately after they appear and destroy the golden tiles while waiting for the squids. Particular attention should be paid to the top corner cells, as they are double chained and removing the chains can be quite tricky. Chose your every move carefully, don’t forget about the squids, and you should be done with this level in no time!

    The developers are also looking into this level, so it might get a bit easier in the future. Stay tuned!

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    Thank you for the reply! I am already improving my game with these tips so hopefully I will be able to complete this level soon, thanks again!

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