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Thread: Ios and Android

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    Ios and Android

    Ok..i have an ios..ipad 4... I can add friends and send them lives, but they cant seem to send or play in my game. Please explain if there is any thing we dont know or are confused on. Thank you!

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    Boris Lebedev
    Hello Ragtag7,

    Do your friends play on Android devices? Our developers are now fine-tuning cross platform social interaction features, and I hope that it will work fine really soon.

    Untill then you can always interact with friends who use the same platform.

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    Hi Boris, thanks for replying. I believe they use Android. Im IOS, but it is odd that I can send them lives and go to their tanks, but they are having issues sneding me lives ( I tell them not to worry ) lol. I let them know to contac you here for other issues

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    Kim Kz
    I too have friends that use iOS and I use android. They can visit me and send me lives but I cannot reciprocate. I feel guilty. I hope this happens soon.

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