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Thread: Have The Pairings Changed For The Regatta?

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    Have The Pairings Changed For The Regatta?

    Our team and several other I have saw on social media have noticed that many stronger teams have been paired against each other this week. For example in mine we are against the number 1 team and 9 other high ranking teams in our race out of fifteen. Im just curious if this is a one time thing maybe to balance out the leaderboard or a new pairing method thats going to be used.

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    Well if it is, it’s gone wrong. Everyone in my group has about a gazillion trophies. Except us

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    Makes sense to get some teams dumped from the global leaderboard, if it has been static for too long. Separate league for them might have been better though.

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    Yeah, it would feel kind of pointless if the only ultimate reward for reaching the top was to be summarily dropped again. But wouldn’t the same thing just happen in an elite league? One could argue that from the point of view of the up-and-comer that it's all futile because the top is dominated already, so the rest of us can never get there.. tricky to solve.

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    Can someone point me to the information about Playrix pairing similar teams against each other? We were chatting in our coop about how tough this race is. We are always in top 3, maybe 4 by friday but we are around 7 now and everyone in top 9 are very close to each other. Came here and saw others are experiencing the same. Is this the new norm or a one time thing?

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    Don’t think there’s been anything official said, as far as I know. Just lotsa people mentioning they’ve noticed it.

    Edit. It’s very odd, though, and a great many are deeply unhappy. Seems to be particularly affecting those at the top of GLB, or maybe they’re just the ones likely to complain because they have more to lose..
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    Last week and this week we do not stand a chance to come in are usual 4th We are a group of 5 Golden League with only 3 racing last two weeks. In the first 48 hours this week 3 groups finished doing 16 tasks....good for them we are not spending the $$ to finish that fast. As of today we have 8 that have finished all 16 tasks no way can we even get close to 4th

    This is no fun any more the tasks are crazy and I do not normally complain. I work and can't play for 8 hrs so I take the trains one in my group wants them Saying that guess what 1 train task at 135 really..... so I have had to spend a lot of evenings trying to get other tasks done.

    This is last race for me until they start another theme hopefully we will get some better tasks. By the way love the themes I have a pirate cove near my beach front and have the carnival area with a knights of the round table themed area finally could use the king statue...

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    PLEASE change the regatta pairing back to the way it was!! This is awful. Our team has worked much harder than ever this week doing almost all 135 point tasts and we likely won't place above 6-7 place! This is very disheartening and will likely result in a lot of people just giving up and not wanting to race anymore.

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    They really changed the pairing. Strong against strong. So far 6 teams have a perfect score. 2 probably decided not to buy the last task as it would change nothing. As we add a new member that did just 5 tasks, we will be demoted probably.

    Guess we have to get use to the races being harder and harder. Or start to play just for the chests and forget the podium.

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    I don't think they are pairing perfect scores against perfect scores. My co-op has never made a perfect score(not even close) and the top seven in our current regatta all have perfect scores. Going from the top three to seventh last week and possible demotion this week is a big bummer.

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