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Thread: Sudden Switch To Another Race & Racing Against Teams With More Racers

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    I assume all this is a result of today’s Mac OS update.. though it’s affecting people across all platforms as far as I can tell. The juggling between groups even when all are correctly matched for number of racers is either part of the problem, or part of the solution, or even both. Presumably, rectifying the groups that have been mismatched will inevitably involve affecting those who never had a problem, too, as the unlucky teams will have to be placed somewhere... perhaps this week’s race results will just have to be wiped for everyone. What an awful mess for players and devs alike <sigh>

    Edit. It may actually be that Mac OS players are the only ones NOT affected. No complaints on their ‘update issues’ thread yet.. hmmm
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    We started off with a regatta made up of 9 teams, this morning it changed to 13...then 12 in the afternoon, now back up to 13..... 2 teams are made up of 14 racing players, and 1 team only has 12 racing players, the rest, including us, are racing with 13 players.
    Playrix obviously know something is amiss with this week regatta, it would be very nice of them if they could post an explanation and what they are doing to rectify it!

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    We are a team of 18 racers. There are 16 teams in our race. The other teams have 19-22 racers. Our competing teams have shuffled over five times now. All teams added/removed from our race have more racers than us.

    This is the fourth week in a row where game glitches have prevented us from competing in a fair race. The lack of response from Playrix is very frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    I assume all this is a result of today’s Mac OS update..
    not that it matters much what we believe or assume (and even if it was right <g>), but my impression was that the group juggling started much earlier yesterday than the Mac update somewhen today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beth61477 View Post

    This is the fourth week in a row where game glitches have prevented us from competing in a fair race. The lack of response from Playrix is very frustrating.

    sorry to hear it! and true. But they are probably either searching/repairing or answering the ingame reports as CS.
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    Our team has been switched to a different race 3 times in the current regatta. Not sure what is going on. We are also not matched with teams with the same number of racers. Our co-op is #HEPPN9.

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    Nice Bunch (#NCJKHM) is also having the same problem. We have 8 racers but were moved to a different group composed of 16 co-ops of 8 to 9 racers. Then the group was again reshuffled and a 10-racer co-op is in our group now.

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    Holographic Moon (#HEFRRX). I think it happened to me last week, so I paid very close attention this week. I was definitely switched to another group of racers and I'll probably be demoted to silver league because of it. Not happy. Should have had 2 gold wins but instead 2 losses.

    Edit: Today, i was playing and suddenly I was transferred to another group of racers. This one had the correct number of participating players, so I was able to secure 2nd place (another coop was already #1). So, I'm happy I won't be demoted and will get better prizes (assuming I don't get transferred again). If you guys and Playrix transferred me, I thank you.
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    We were previously in a group that had 1 team of 18 racers, 2 teams of 17 racers and the rest if us had 16 racers. Then when i logged in this morning, when i went to the race tab, we were racing against another completely different group. All of the teams besides ours showed zero points at first then moved to their current point total.

    Our current line up is
    Team 1 (us) -16
    Team 2 -18
    Team 3 - 17
    Team 4 - 15
    Team 5 - 17
    Team 6 - 18
    Team 7 - 15
    Team 8 - 17
    Team 9 - 17
    Team 10 - 17
    Team 11 - 17
    Team 12 - 16
    Team 13 - 16
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    I don't believe it's connected to the MAC OS update (cross-platforms tend to not have much of an effect on each other). The regatta competitions for iOS/Android/Kindle vs. MAC vs. Windows are very different. For example, Windows' regattas start on Thursday and end on Wednesday (according to Township Wiki).

    It's also unlikely given players have been reporting these issues earlier (prior to the MAC OS update yesterday). I'll be sure to check in with admin to confirm that though.

    It's really strange to have this happen with a significant gap since the last update. I wonder if the competitive algorithms were altered (but hidden until now) for the Medieval Season.
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    Hmm, who knows? Status of my situation remains the same, right number of teams, but still two with extra racers. No further response from in-game support since “sorry, we’re workin on it”. This will be a total nightmare for them though..

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