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Thread: Sudden Switch To Another Race & Racing Against Teams With More Racers

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    Sudden Switch To Another Race & Racing Against Teams With More Racers

    It might be an idea for all of those affected to post here in case Support come to look. They are aware of the issue, and have promised they’re working on it and will get back to me ASAP. I’ll keep you informed. Whether that applies only to my co op specifically or the broader issue, I don’t yet know, though I did tell them there were lots of us reporting it here. All of you affected, contact Support within your game if you haven’t already. Include your co op tag and individual friend request number in your posts and help/support requests, and screenshots if you have them, though I didn’t.

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    We were against 16 other teams earlier, including 3 with an extra racer. Now we’re down to 14 total, but the two in last place still have an extra person racing. Which is fine with me, so long as they stay the last two, lol

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    They are working on the problem. We had a new set of teams this morning. Only 1 team left with an extra racer.

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    We had a late entrant force fed upon us this morning with an extra racer.

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    I have just been in touch with support about this too. Some co ops in my race are racing with more players and some with less. It's unfair to all co ops, hope they solve this soon

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    We got moved to a different race yesterday too. We are the only co-op in our race with a racing team of 12. 10 have 13, the rest 14 and one has all 16 members racing! :-(

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    Oh no, Pink! That’s just awful. So if the others make even a vague attempt then you might as well sit and do nothing at all.. so sorry to hear it.

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    Right now we're in 1st place, with a 900 point lead. All we can hope for, is that the other teams have opted in members who aren't actually racing. But seeing as we get loads of crap prizes anyway, does it really matter! lol

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    True dat. Well, if you can win under these circumstances you certainly deserve more than a few slabs and a shovel, lol

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    Our co-op ran into this, 14 teams of 5 against 1 team of 7. I reported it via in-game. I'm also marking it here to add another voice to the widespread problem.

    Our co-op code = #KNHVGU

    Their co-op code = #8GZF78
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