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Thread: Sudden Switch To Another Race & Racing Against Teams With More Racers

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    Same thing happened to us..went being in 1st place by far to 10th place and no way of catching up with teams greater then us in size! I am on android!! This issue needs to be resolved and is unfair to the players and my hard working team members who worked hard for the 1st place spot..all to get demolished by bigger teams not fun at all

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    Hi there!

    This happened to our co-op too.

    At first we were racing against other teams with two active racers in them as well (just like ours).

    We just noticed that our current bad race position comes from suddenly racing against other teams with three active racers in each team.

    Almost all other teams on our field have an additional active racer compared to ours. It's very unfair as we spent a lot of time and money (yes we did) on finishing at the top of the list. Now we will probably not even get to stay in the golden league.

    Please fix this issue very quickly. This game just lost all the fun, and that's a pity.

    Best regards

    ANM (Mayor of Ninaville)
    Co-op tag: #RY2ZMM

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    I was 6 tasks ahead of my nearest competitor when I finished first in 14 hours. When I checked on the race the following night I was in second place and not first.

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    I got moved to a different race yesterday too!!!! I race alone and all the 12 co-ops have 2 players competing in this regatta. I was in second place before all this mess, and I'll surely get demoted to silver league if the problem won't be solved before race's end.
    It's really very unfair.

    co-op Serendipity IT (#SERVK2)

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    Just realised that the winning coop has 2 racing to my 1 as well.

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    We were in first place by a large lead 5 hrs ago in my Regatta. I just logged on and now we are in 7th. I looked through the list of racers and realized that these aren't the same teams we were up against the last two days. We got switched to a different race! This is very upsetting and frustrating.

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    Final response from Support to me within game, the fix is done, they expect everyone’s teams to be alright again by the end of today.

    Edit. Started with 17 teams. 14 had 9 racers, like us. The other 3 had too many.
    After reporting, 3 were removed, so changed to just 14 teams, but 2 still had too many.
    The 2 that had too many are still there, but now have 9 and 8 racers, instead of 11. Where did their extra racers go?

    Sheesh.. what a mess!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Final response from Support to me within game, the fix is done, they expect everyone’s teams to be alright again by the end of today.
    Well something happened, our race is now balanced correctly and it's mostly the same teams with one or two changed. Sounds like ours is fixed.

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    seems like it fixed on my side as well. all teams are well balanced. jumped to top 3
    Da Ge,
    Co op - Sea Force #SENECW
    Township lvl 91 - Android

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    Thank you for fixing my problem.😀

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