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Thread: Moved To Another Regatta Halfway Through?

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    Unhappy Moved To Another Regatta Halfway Through?

    Our co op was placed in a new regatta midway through.

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    Yeah, you’re not the only ones, I’m afraid. I have nothing useful to suggest, I’m sorry, other than to report in game to support.

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    For us it worked in our favour. All European or american co ops too, which is an absolute first.
    Will have to check if the competition have all won numerous top three trophies too, as has always been the case for us, running agsinst full co ops with way higher levels, and exoperienced teams who have won lots of top three trophies in gikd level already.
    We are fairly new to gold level so this was never too fair for us.

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    It wasn't midway through, it was within the first few hours of this week's regatta. Unfortunately it seems to be fairly common to be put in a different group at this point in the new regatta.
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    Thats never happened to us, or in my other co op.

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    Yes...our coop was moved midrace a few weeks ago.....we were told it happens occasionally if the original race we were in wasnt full...
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    But if it means we get grouped with co ops more at our level, I won’t complain. Its about time we were grouped in a better way, not just gold level and close to 30 members.

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    The only time it happened to my co-op to be moved around a lot, was ~2 weeks ago, when i entered the race only on Saturday evening (due to traveling). Until Sunday morning we were in a race with 6 other co-ops, then moved with another (different) 9 co-ops and i think on Monday, at the finish of the race we were a group of only 5 co-ops. And all the time the levels/stats of the other co-ops varied a lot!
    And really, it didn't bother me at all, i assumed it was because we entered the race really late and couldn't find our place. So i would understand moving around so close to the end of the race, to find a place for the co-ops that recently started, but i assume that most co-ops start racing much sooner than that, and once a 15 spot race is filled, there's no reason to change it.

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    It look like we were moved too. First time it happens to us.
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    We have never been in such a fair group so we are happy about it.
    Also have never been in a less than full group at any r3gatta.

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